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How to choose a Spa Gift Box

How to choose a Spa Gift Box

Spa Boxes can make wonderful gifts, but be careful to avoid some industry tricks!

Check the produce sizes: Some gift providers use tiny sample size products that look great in the photos, but will most ceratinly disappoint. A few small items are fine and can add to the visual appeal of the box, but  be sure that your gift box contains a few full sizes items and that the seller provides a complete list of the items that includes the size. 

Check for quality: Check claims of 'organic'. Some products claim to be organic while containing only a small portion of organic ingredients. A reputable supplier will identify organic v natural products.

Check the wrapping: We all want our gifts to look great and you don't need to abandon your ethics to gift a lovely looking Spa Box. Kraft boxes well presented are perfect. Don't be tempted by the shiny white, bleached, over packaged box.

A good supplier will wrap your box to ensure that it arrives looking great. At Dragon Grove Fragrances we use only Kraft Boxes, shred and honey comb to protect the items and box, with a lovely satin re-usable ribbon or heshan and lace. Even our mailing bags and packing tape are biodegradable.

Beware of photo props: Most sellers use photo props to make the box look more appealing. Gorgeous flowers are often used but read their fine print ‘ Botanicals not included’! At Dragon Grove Fragrances our photos show exactly the actual Gift Box. It might include a dried or vegan preserved sprig or bouquet of flowers only where theses are include in the actual gift box.

We do photograph our perfumes and soap with one of the ingredients. Eg Rose perfume is photographed with a rose and Green tea soap is photographed with green tea. But our gift boxes are photographed only with the contents of the actual gift box.

Check photo aspects: Sellers will display the items to make them look their best. That’s fine where they show the items honestly. Many sellers will show the items with props flowing out of the box. It’s designed to catch your eye for selling, and it almost certainly will, but the box will never look like that! Be sure that the seller provides photos of the box closed, and open, as your recipient will see it as they open it. You need to see a photo of the box when first opened, with everything packed neatly inside. This is how your recipient will see it! They won’t see the impressive photo with botanical props and items flowing from the box.

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  • Tyler Bartlett